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Niomatic is a comprehensive manageable solution which makes it possible to develop and design diverse IoT systems with user-friendly interfaces. Connect, manipulate, assess, monitor and control a wide variety of equipment with promising software prepared by Niomatic team. Our product makes your dreams come true by providing you with such an opportunity to build your custom applet either on your phone or tablet.
Visual programming, zero code design contains these 3 layers: Back panel, Front panel and Run layer.

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You can create applet and share that with friends and public. Now, enjoy together in a same experience.

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Nowadays, cell phones are insperable parts of our daily lives. We leave an instant messages to our friends and colleagues by the phones. The advent of smart phones expands the functionalities of phones far from traditional communications. Nio provides a short and cost-effective manner of the software and hardware production. Now your idea to market faster than before.
If you are a Java developer, you might have thought about how you can make money from this application. That’s easy! Develop a new applet, share it on Applet store to increasing user retention. Nio provide some ways you can exploit your knowledge, get in the right place and bring in some cash from the potentially lucrative software market.

Free and Unlimited features for all

The platform is completely free and unrestricted for all public, educational, and non-commercial purposes. Moreover, some of applications that can gain commercial revenues, will be declared free and unrestricted by the company in the upcoming announcements. Visual programming application, Nio platform can be often used in easy teaching coding and computer science. The graphical approach also enables nonprogrammers to build programs by dragging and dropping blocks representing code commands.

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Empower by plugins

Nio platform has capablity of adding interesting plugins.


NIO provide Ethernet (TCP and UDP protocols), Bluetooth, USB-HID and more for networking and hardware connectivity according to the End-user needs.

Clouds Integration

NIO is equipped with an intelligent approach for cloud computing and storage which is prerequisite of potential Big Data procedure.


Security is one the biggest challenges for IoT platforms. Due to needs, we implement a secured system which is able to guarantee both the reliability and security issues.

Lightweight platform

We develop applications for mobile, microchip, web, wearables, and TV.


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